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M.Tech-Network Simulator(NS2) 2018-2019

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NS2 Projects

1. Asynchronous Device Detection for Cognitive Device-to-Device Communications 2018 Download Download
2. Fuzzy Logic-based Routing Algorithm for Lifetime Enhancement in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2018 Download Download
3. Modularity-based Dynamic Clustering for Energy Efficient UAVs aided Communications 2018 Download Download
4. Computation Offloading and Activation of Mobile Edge Computing Servers: A Minority Game 2018 Download Download
5. Spatio-Temporal Wireless Traffic Prediction with Recurrent Neural Network 2018 Download Download
6. A Learning Approach for Low-Complexity Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Multi-Carrier Wireless Networks 2018 Download Download
7. Optimizing Performance of Co-Existing Underlay Secondary Networks 2018 Download Download
8. Toward Optimal Power Control and Transfer for Energy Harvesting Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks 2018 Download Download
9. Covert Communication Achieved by A Greedy Relay in Wireless Networks 2018 Download Download
10. Distance-based Inter-cell Interference Coordination in Small Cell Networks: Stochastic Geometry Modeling and Analysis 2018 Download Download
11. A Delay-Sensitive Multicast Protocol for Network Capacity Enhancement in Multirate MANETs 2017 Download Download
12. Contradiction Based Gray-Hole Attack Minimization for Ad-Hoc Networks 2017 Download Download
13. Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile ad-hoc Network Using the Fitness Function 2017 Download Download
14. A Self-Adaptive Sleep/Wake-Up Scheduling Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download Download
15. Location-Based Key Management Strong Against Insider Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download Download
16. Research on Trust Sensing based Secure Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network 2017 Download Download
17. Fair Routing for Overlapped Cooperative Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2016 Download Download
18. Mobile Coordinated Wireless Sensor Network: An Energy Efficient Scheme for Real-Time Transmissions 2016 Download Download