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Base Paper


1. Intelligent Condition Monitoring System For Distribution Transformer And Health Status Using GSM 2018 Download Download
2. Development Of A Automatic Irrigation System Based On GSM SMS 2018 Download Download
3. Cyber Security – Distributed Line Protection And Control Relay Communication In Substation 2018 Download Download
4. Development Of An Solar-Powered Robotic Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2018 Download Download
5. Implementation Of Room Automation Energy Meter Consumption With IOT Based Monitoring System 2018 Download Download
6. Analyzing And Modelling The Interference Impact Gap Between Predicted Energy And Actual Energy Efficiency Of Wlans 2018 Download Download
7. Efficiency Of Photovoltaic Sun Tracking Systems Using RTC And Manual Mode 2018 Download Download
8. Parameter Identification And Controlling Of AC Motor Drives In An Coal Mines 2018 Download Download
9. Perception Of The Use Of Pre-Paid Electricity Meters Using Smartcard 2018 Download Download
10. Design And Simulation Of A Monitoring Electrical Energy Consumption System Based On GSM Technology 2018 Download Download
11. Probability Estimation For The Fault Detection And Isolation Of PMU-Based Transmission Line System Of Smart Grid 2018 Download Download
12. PV,Wind And Main Modeling Methods Of An Off-Grid Experimental DC Microgrid 2018 Download Download
13. Device Control And Door Automation System Based On Speech Command And PIN Using Android Smartphone 2018 Download Download
14. Energy Theft Detection In Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2018 Download Download
15. Simple Design And Implementation Of Solar Tracking System Dual Axis With Four Sensors 2018 Download Download
16. Advanced Voltage Support And Active Power Flow Control In Grid-Connected Converters Under Unbalanced Conditions 2018 Download Download
17. Torque Control Of Switched Reluctance Drive Of Universal Motors Using Traic 2018 Download Download
18. Smart Power Line Control System For Optimal Distribution Of Electricity Using RTC And GSM 2018 Download Download
19. Smart Detection Of Various Fault Dips Using GSM 2018 Download Download
20. Real Time Smart Grid Load Sharing Management By Integrated And Secured Communication 2018 Download Download
21. Analysis Of Open Phase Condition Influence Of An AC Load Indicator 2018 Download Download
22. Hardware Design Of Four Quadrant Dc Motor Drive 2018 Download Download
23. An Active Fast Equalizer For Series-Connected Batteries With Adaptive Balancing Current Control 2018 Download Download
24. Implementation Of A Smart Grid Wireless Communication System 2018 Download Download
25. Microcontroller Based Low Cost Gas Leakage And Temperature Detector With SMS And Voice Alert 2018 Download Download
26. A Smart Home Appliances Control System Based On Digital Electronics And GSM Network 2018 Download Download
27. A Framework For Attack Resilient Industrial Control Systems: Attack Detection And Controller Reconfiguration(SCADA) 2018 Download Download
28. Design And Implementation Of Solar Based Smart Street Lightning System 2017 Download Download
29. Utility Implements Communications-Assisted Special Protection And Control Schemes For Distribution Substations 2017 Download Download
30. Service-Oriented Data Acquisition Management And Device Control For Industrial Cyber- Physical Systems 2017 Download Download
31. Load Characterization Based On Voltage And Current Phasorial Measurements In Micro- Grids 2017 Download Download
32. RURAL BRIDGE: A Novel System For Smart And Cooperative Farming Using Iot Architecture 2017 Download Download
33. Design And Fabrication Of Underground Fault Distance Locator Using Micro Controller And GSM 2017 Download Download
34. Design And Implementation Of RF Controlled Miniature Exhaust Fan 2017 Download Download
35. RF Remotely-Powered Integrated System To Nullify Standby Power Consumption In Electrical Appliances 2016 Download Download
36. Sensor Data Condition Monitoring Of Real-Time Light Intensity And Temperature Based Devices Control 2016 Download Download