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M.Tech-ECE-Embedded Systems 2020-21

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Projects List


Base Paper

1. Towards Real-Time Eyeblink Detection in the Wild: Dataset, Theory and Practices 2020 Download
2. Automatic Testing Environment for Virtual Network Embedded Systems 2020 Download
3. A Design of Intelligent Wearable Health Monitoring System Based on IoT 2020 Download
4. A wearable system for respiratory and pace monitoring in running activities: a feasibility study 2020 Download
5. An intelligent baby monitoring system based on Raspberry PI, IoT sensors and convolutional neural network 2020 Download
6. An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing 2020 Download
7. Arduino Based Smart Home Warning System 2020 Download
8. Wheel chair control through eye blinking and IoT platform 2020 Download
9. Biometric Face Presentation Attack Detection with Multi-Channel Convolutional Neural Network 2020 Download
10. Demo Abstract An Internet of Plants System for Micro Gardens 2020 Download
11. Design and Analysis of IoT based Air Quality Monitoring System 2020 Download
12. Design and Analysis of IoT-Based Intelligent Robot for Real-Time Monitoring and Control 2020 Download
13. Design of Environmental Monitoring System in Chicken House Based on ZigBee 2020 Download
14. Design of smart home controller based on raspberry PI 2020 Download
15. Development of congestion level based dynamic traffic management system using IoT 2020 Download
16. Driver Drowsiness Detection Model Using Convolutional Neural Networks Techniques for Android Application 2020 Download
17. Emotion Recognition from Text Stories Using an Emotion Embedding model 2020 Download
18. Hardware Root Of Trust for IoT Security In Smart Home Systems 2020 Download
19. Intelligent Monitoring Systems for Transportation of Perishable Products based Internet of Things (IOT) Technology 2020 Download
20. IoT Based on-the-fly Visual Defect Detection in Railway Tracks 2020 Download
21. IoT Based Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System 2020 Download
22. IoT Based University Garbage Monitoring System for Healthy Environment for Students 2020 Download
23. IOT Based Wireless Sensor Network for Air Pollution Monitoring 2020 Download
24. IoT-Enabled Shipping Container with Environmental Monitoring and Location Tracking 2020 Download
25. IoT-Enabled Smart Child Safety Digital System Architecture 2020 Download
26. Laboratory Automation System Using IOT Devices 2020 Download
27. Lightweight Misbehavior Detection Management of Embedded IoT Devices in Medical Cyber Physical Systems 2020 Download
28. Low Cost IoT Sensor System for Real time remote monitoring 2020 Download
29. Realtime Wireless Embedded Electronics for Soldier Security 2020 Download
30. RepEL: A Utility-preserving Privacy System for IoT-based Energy Meters 2020 Download
31. Security Experiences in IoT based applications for Building and Factory Automation 2020 Download
32. Smart Farming System using IoT for Efficient Crop Growth 2020 Download
33. Multi-Functional Blind Stick for Visually Impaired People 2020 Download
34. Survey on IOT Based Smart Waste Bin 2020 Download
35. Z-IoT Passive Device-class Fingerprinting of ZigBee and Z-Wave IoT Devices 2020 Download
36. Face Identification System using Deep Learning Method at Low Lighting Resources 2020 Download
37. IoT-aware Waste Management System based on Cloud Services and Ultra-Low-Power RFID Sensor-Tags 2020 Download
38. New Approach for Fall Detection System Using Embedded Technology 2020 Download
39. Analysis of Smart helmets and Designing an IoT based smart helmet: A cost effective solution for Riders 2019 Download
40. The Design and Implementation of GPS Controlled Environment Monitoring Robotic System based on IoT and ARM 2019 Download
41. Real-Time Monitoring Security System integrated with Raspberry Pi and e-mail communication link 2019 Download
42. Performance Evaluation of Real-Time System for Vision-Based Navigation of Small Autonomous Mobile Robots 2019 Download
43. Occupancy Estimation using WiFi: A Case Study for Counting Passengers on Busses 2019 Download
44. Implementation of greenhouse service control protocol using Python on Raspberry PI 2019 Download
45. Floor Based Sensors Walk Identification System Using Dynamic Time Warping With Cloudlet Support 2019 Download
46. Autonomous Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Home/Office Automation 2019 Download
47. A Face Recognition Method in the Internet of Things for Security Applications in Smart Homes and Cities 2018 Download
48. A Novel Approach to Provide Protection for Women by using Smart Security Device 2018 Download