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M.Tech-ECE-Embedded Systems 2017-2018

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Projects List


Base Paper

1. EMACS: Design And Implementation Of Indoor Environment Monitoring And Control System 2017 Download
2. Smart Voting 2017 Download
3. CABA: Continuous Authentication Based On BioAura 2017 Download
4. Developing Fish Feeder System Using Raspberry Pi 2017 Download
5. Design Of An Energy Efficient IoT Enabled Smart System Based On DALI Network Over MQTT Protocol 2017 Download
6. Design Of A Solar Power Electronic Voting Machine 2017 Download
7. Intelligent Pillbox: Automatic And Programmable Assistive Technology Device 2017 Download
8. Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System In IoT Environment 2017 Download
9. A Wireless IoT System Towards Gait Detection In Stroke Patients 2017 Download
10. Micro Service Based IoT For Smart Buildings 2017 Download
11. IoT Based Smart Home Appliances By Using Cloud Intelligent Tetris Switch 2017 Download
12. An IoT Based Remote HRV Monitoring System For Hypertensive Patients 2017 Download
13. Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification Using Image Processing Technique 2017 Download
14. A Wireless Continuous Patient Monitoring System For Dengue: Wi-Mon 2017 Download
15. A Privacy Preserving Pay By Phone Parking System 2017 Download
16. Smart Crossing System Using IoT 2017 Download
17. Embedded Video Processing On Raspberry Pi 2017 Download
18. Design And Implementation Of A Fingerprint Based Lock System For Shared Access 2017 Download
19. Lightweight Mashup Middleware For Coal Mine Safety Monitoring And Control Automation 2017 Download
20. A Real Time Flood Alert System For Parking Lots 2017 Download
21. Multiple Motion Control System Of Robotic Car Based On IOT To Produce Cloud Service 2017 Download
22. Electronic Visits In Primary Care: Modeling, Analysis, And Scheduling Policies 2017 Download
23. Embedded Control System For Smart Walking Assistance Device 2017 Download
24. Challenges And Opportunities Of Waste Management In IoT Enabled Smart Cities: A Survey 2017 Download
25. Private And Secured Medical Data Transmission And Analysis For Wireless Sensing Healthcare System 2017 Download
26. Body And Fall Detection System With Heart Rate Monitoring 2017 Download
27. Advance Automatic Toll Collection & Vehicle Detection During Collision Using RFID 2017 Download
28. Design And Development Of Personal Assistive Device For Elderly 2017 Download
29. RFID Based Attendance Management System 2017 Download
30. Secure IoT Platform For Industrial Control Systems 2017 Download
31. A Smart Approach On Collecting Working Condition Data From Home Appliances Under The Field Test 2017 Download
32. An Advanced Security System Integrated With RFID Based Automated Toll Collection System 2017 Download
33. An Automatic Driver Drowsiness Alert System By Using GSM 2017 Download
34. An IoT Based Fire Alarming And Authentication System For Workhouse Using Raspberry Pi 3 2017 Download
35. Monitoring Physiological Variables Of Mining Workers At High Altitude 2017 Download
36. A Temperature Compensated Smart Nitrate Sensor For Agricultural Industry 2017 Download
37. Towards Detection Of Bus Driver Fatigue Based On Robust Visual Analysis Of Eye State 2017 Download
38. Anti Theft Protection Of Vehicle By GSM & GPS With Fingerprint Verification 2017 Download
39. Design And Implementation Of Remotely Located Energy Meter Monitoring With Load Control And Mobile Billing System Through GSM 2017 Download
40. Design Of Bus Tracking And Fuel Monitoring System 2017 Download
41. Wearable Medical Sensor Based System Design: A Survey 2017 Download
42. E-Health Acquistion, Transmission & Monitoring System 2017 Download
43. Electrical Appliances Control Prototype By Using GSM Module And Arduino 2017 Download
44. Microcontroller Based Digital Meter With Alert System Using GSM 2017 Download
45. The Development Of A Remotely Controlled Home Automation System For Energy Saving 2017 Download
46. A Location Aided Flooding Mechanism In Community Based IOT Networks 2017 Download
47. Design And Implementation Of Low Cost ECG Monitoring System For The Patient Using Smart Device 2017 Download
48. Multi Agent Based E-Health System 2017 Download
49. Performance Enhancement And IoT Based Monitoring For Smart Home 2017 Download
50. IoT Based Smart Office Application For Advanced Indoor Working Environment And Energy Efficiency 2017 Download
51. IoT Based Vehicle Parking Manager 2017 Download
52. Internet Of Vehicles (IoV) For Traffic Management 2017 Download
53. Child Safety Wearable Device 2017 Download
54. A Smart Meter Design And Implementation Using Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network In Smart Grid 2017 Download
55. Health Monitoring Systems Using IoT And Raspberry Pi A Review 2017 Download
56. Fuel Management System 2017 Download
57. A Navigation And Reservation Based Smart Parking Platform Using Genetic Optimization For Smart Cities 2017 Download
58. An IoT Platform Integrated Into An Energy Efficient DC Lighting Grid 2017 Download
59. Context Aware And User Centric Residential Energy Management 2017 Download
60. Dynamically Controlling Exterior And Interior Window Coverings Through IoT For Environmental Friendly Smart Homes 2017 Download
61. Intelligent Safety Information Gathering System Using A Smart Blackbox 2017 Download
62. Investigation Of A New Technology Of Controlling Electrical Apparatus Via a Smart Phone 2017 Download
63. Localization Of Health Center Assets Through An IoT Environment (LoCATE) 2017 Download
64. On Implementing An Unconventional Infant Vital Signs Monitor With Passive RFID Tags 2017 Download
65. Communication Technologies For Complex Industrial Systems 2017 Download
66. Design And Implementation Of Real Time Transformer Health Monitoring System Using GSM Technology 2017 Download
67. RFID Tag For Railway Applications Based On Narrow Band Absorbers 2017 Download
68. IoT Based Smart Museum Using Bluetooth Low Energy 2017 Download
69. Wireless Robo Pi Landmine Detection 2017 Download
70. A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer Based On Zigbee Based Communication 2017 Download
71. Autonomous Two Tier Cloud Based Demand Side Management Approach With Micro grid 2017 Download
72. Development Of An Automotive Scanner For Educational Application 2017 Download
73. Peak Energy Management Using Renewable Integrated DC Microgrid 2017 Download
74. Toward A Wearable RFID System For Real Time Activity Recognition Using Radio Patterns 2017 Download
75. A New Early Warning Method Of Train Tracking Interval Based On CTC 2017 Download
76. Cuff Less Blood Pressure Estimation Algorithms For Continuous Health Care Monitoring 2017 Download
77. A Cyber Physical System For Environmental Monitoring 2016 Download
78. Classifying A Person's Degree Of Accessibility From Natural Body Language During Social Human Robot Interactions 2016 Download
79. Embedded Control System For Smart Walking Assistance Device 2016 Download
80. High-Precision Vehicle Navigation In Urban Environments Using An Mem's Imu And Single-Frequency GPS Receiver 2016 Download
81. Perfecting-Based Data Dissemination In Vehicular Cloud Systems 2016 Download
82. Smart Configuration Of Smart Environments 2016 Download
83. An Integrated Cloud Based Smart Home Management System With Community Hierarchy 2016 Download
84. Point N Press: An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System For Home Appliances 2016 Download
85. A Rule Based Service Customization Strategy For Smart Home Context-Aware Automation 2016 Download
86. Electronic Visits In Primary Care: Modeling, Analysis, And Scheduling Policies 2016 Download
87. Smart Real Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using GSM GPS Technologies 2016 Download
88. Self Configuration And Smart Binding Control On IoT Applications 2016 Download
89. Low Power Wearable ECG Monitoring System For Multiple Patient Remote Monitoring 2016 Download
90. IoT Based Smart Healthcare Kit 2016 Download
91. BSN Care A Secure IoT Based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Sensor Network 2016 Download
92. A Smart Switch To Connect And Disconnect Electrical Devices At Home By Using Internet 2016 Download
93. Configurable Zigbee Based Control System For People With Multiple Disabilities In Smart Homes 2016 Download
94. Zigbee Network System For Observing Operating Activities Of Work Vehicles 2016 Download
95. Real Time Patient Health Monitoring And Alarming Using Wireless Sensor Network 2016 Download
96. Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence For Future Energy Systems A Survey 2016 Download
97. Deep Representations For Iris, Face, And Fingerprint Spoofing Detection 2015 Download
98. Home Appliance Load Modeling From Aggregated Smart Meter Data 2015 Download
99. Optimal Energy Management Of Greenhouses In Smart Grids 2015 Download
100. WSN Based Smart Sensors And Actuator For Power Management In Intelligent Buildings 2015 Download
101. Zigbee Based Communication System For Data Transfer Within Future Micro Grids 2015 Download
102. A Secure Biometrics-Based Multi-Server Authentication Protocol Using Smart Cards 2015 Download
103. Energy Efficient Ethernet For Real Time Industrial Networks 2015 Download
104. Driver Gaze Tracking And Eyes Off The Road Detection System 2015 Download
105. Optimizing Data Forwarding From Body Area Networks In The Presence of Body Shadowing with Dual Wireless Technology Nodes 2015 Download
106. Performance Evaluation Of GNSS For Train Localization 2015 Download
107. Pre Fetching Based Data Dissemination In Vehicular Cloud Systems 2015 Download
108. A Wireless Tracking System For At Home Medical Equipment During Natural Disasters 2015 Download