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M.Tech-ECE-DSP/DIP 2018-2019

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Projects List


Base Paper


1. Video Salient Object Detection with Convolutional Networks 2018 Download Download
2. Unsupervised Deep Hashing With Pseudo Labels for Scalable Image Retrieval 2018 Download Download
3. Learning a Deep Single Image Contrast Enhancer from Multi-Exposure Images 2018 Download Download
4. Secure Medical Data Transmission Model for Healthcare Systems 2018 Download Download
5. Single Image De-Hazing Using Globally Guided Image Filtering 2018 Download Download
6. High Bit-Depth Medical Image Compression With HEVC 2018 Download Download
7. Lung Field Segmentation in Chest Radiographs from Boundary Maps by a Structured Edge Detector 2018 Download Download
8. Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Wiener Filter in Similarity Domain 2018 Download Download
9. Visual Tracking from Correlation Filter to Template Matching 2018 Download Download
10. Fast and Flexible Solution for CNN based Image Denoising 2018 Download Download
11. Brain Region Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Network 2018 Download Download
12. Robust Single-Image Super-Resolution Based on Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing Regularization 2018 Download Download
13. A secure image steganography algorithm based on least significant bit and integer wavelet transform 2018 Download Download
14. Road Detection and Segmentation from Aerial Images using a CNN based System 2018 Download Download
15. Reversible Data Hiding under Inconsistent Distortion Metrics 2018 Download Download
16. Design and Evaluation of a Novel Short Prototype Filter for FBMC/OQAM Modulation 2018 Download Download
17. Pruned DFT Spread FBMC: Low PAPR, Low Latency, High Spectral Efficiency 2018 Download Download
18. A New Filter-Bank Multicarrier System: The Linearly Processed FBMC System 2018 Download Download
19. PAPR Reduction in FBMC-OQAM Signals with Half Complexity of Trellis-based SLM 2018 Download Download
20. PAPR Reduction of FBMC-OQAM using A-law and Mu-law Companding 2018 Download Download
21. Blind De-convolution with Model Discrepancies 2017 Download Download
22. Change Detection Based on Gabor Wavelet Features for Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images 2017 Download Download
23. Blind Facial Image Quality Enhancement using Non-Rigid Semantic Patches 2017 Download Download
24. Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation 2017 Download Download
25. Colour Image Watermarking based on Wavelet and QR Decomposition 2017 Download Download
26. PAPR reduction scheme: wavelet packet based PTS with embedded side information data scheme 2017 Download Download
27. PAPR Reduction in OFDM using Reduced Complexity PTS with Companding 2017 Download Download
28. Advanced Blanking Nonlinearity for Mitigating Impulsive Interference in OFDM Systems 2017 Download Download
29. An Enhanced MMSE Sub channel Decision Feedback Equalizer with ICI Suppression for FBMC/OQAM Systems 2017 Download Download
30. Universal Multimode Background Subtraction 2017 Download Download
31. Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Over-Segmentation and Feature Point Matching 2016 Download Download
32. A Novel Image Quality Assessment With Globally and Locally Co-salient Visual Quality Perception 2016 Download Download
33. Higher-Order Image Co-segmentation 2016 Download Download
34. Salient Region Detection via High-Dimensional Color Transform and Local Spatial Support 2016 Download Download
35. On the Shift Value Set of Cyclic Shifted Sequences for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems 2016 Download Download
36. Blind Super Resolution of Real-Life Video Sequences 2016 Download Download
37. Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering 2016 Download Download
38. Design and Performance Analysis of a Multiuser OFDM Based Differential Chaos Shift Keying Communication System 2016 Download Download
39. Performance Analysis for OFDM Signals With Peak Cancellation 2016 Download Download
40. Low Complexity ICI Mitigation for MIMO-OFDM in Time-Varying Channels 2016 Download Download