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Base Paper



1. Retrofitting Of Reinforced Concrete Frames Using Steel Bracings Download Download
2. Structural Analysis Of A Multi-Storeyed Building Using ETABS For Different Plan Configurations Download Download
3. Analysis And Design Of Multi Storied Building Using ETABS Software Download Download
4. Comparison Of Analysis And Design Of Regular And Irregular Configuration Of Multi Story Building In Various Seismic Zones And Various Types Of Soils Using ETABS And STAAD PRO Download Download
5. Design Of Circular Water Tank By Using STAAD PRO Software Download Download
6. Design Of Residential Apartment Building Using STAAD PRO Download Download
7. Structural Design Of Concrete Structure Using ETABS Download Download
8. Analysis And Design Of Multistory Building With Grid Slab Using ETABS Download Download
9. Effect Of Wind Load On Tall Buildings In Different Terrain Category Download Download
10. Earth Quack Analysis Of Multi Storied Residential Building-A Case Study Download Download
11. Evaluation And Design Of Flyover Using STAAD PRO Download Download
12. Dynamic Response Of High Rise Structures Under The Influence Of Shear Walls Download Download
13. Study Of Behavior Of Seismic Evaluation Of Multistoried Building With Floating Columns Download Download
14. Planning And Design Of The Main Building Of Five Star Hotel Download Download
15. Analysis And Design Of Tall Building Subjected To Wind And Earthquake Loads Download Download
16. Effect Of Wind On Tall Building Frames-Influence Of Aspect Ratio Download Download
17. Seismic Analysis Of Regular And Vertical Geometric Irregular RCC Framed Building Download Download
18. Comparison Of Seismic Behavior Of A Typical Multi-Storey Structure With Composite Columns And Steel Columns Download Download
19. Dynamic Analysis Of Multi-Story Building For Different Shapes Download Download
20. Study Of Lateral Load Resisting Systems Of Variable Heights In All Soil Types Of High Seismic Zone Download Download
21. Shear Wall Analysis And Design Optimization In Case Of High Rise Buildings Using ETABS Download Download
22. Seismic Analysis Of A Building Download Download


1. Effect Of Fiber Length And Percentage Of Sisal On Strength Of Concrete Download Download
2. Strength And Permeability Properties Of Concrete Using Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash And Egg Shell Powder Download Download
3. Effect Of Replacement Of Natural Sand By Manufactured Sand On The Properties Of Cement Mortar Download Download
4. Utilization Of Demolished Concrete Waste For New Construction Download Download
5. Experimental Studies On Concrete Utilizing Red Mud As A Partial Replacement Of Cement With Hydrated Lime Download Download
6. Experimental Study On Geo Polymer Concrete By Using Glass Fibers Download Download
7. A Study On Behavior Of Marble Dust In Concrete Pavement Download Download
8. Utilization Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregates In Cement Concrete Pavements Download Download
9. The Suitability Of Crushed Over Burnt Bricks As Coarse Aggregates For Concrete Download Download
10. Stability Of Waste Glass Powder As Pozzolanic Material In Concrete Download Download
11. Experimental Investigations Of Coarse Aggregate Recycled Concrete Download Download
12. Experimental Investigation On Strength Of Glass Power Replacement By Cement In Concrete With Different Dosages Download Download
13. Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregates By Expanded Polystyrene Beds In Concrete Download Download
14. Improvement Of Strength Of Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregates With Coconut Shell And Coir Fibers Download Download
15. Application And Properties Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Download Download


1. A Study On The Performance Of Flexible Pavements Download Download
2. National Highway Design-A Case Study Of Kadapa To Kurnool National Highway Download Download
3. Designing Pavement For A Typical Village Road In India-A Case Study Download Download
4. Design Of Flexible Pavements By Various Methods And Their Cost Analysis Of Each Method Download Download
5. Pavement Design Download Download
6. Recycled Asphalt Pavement Mixtures For Road Construction Download Download
7. Study Of Stone Matrix Asphalt For The Flexible Pavement Download Download
8. Application Of Waste Plastic As An Effective Construction Material In Flexible Pavements Download Download
9. Influence Of Coarse Aggregates Shape Factors On Bituminous Mixtures Download Download
10. Feasibility Of Copper Slag-Fly Ash Mix As A Road Construction Material Download Download


1. Improvement In CBR Value Of Soil Reinforced With Jute Fibers Download Download
2. Improvement Of Soil Stability Using Shredded Tyre Download Download
3. Theoretical Analysis Of Soil Nailing, Design, Performance And Future Aspects Download Download
4. Improvement Of Soil Characteristics Using Jute Geo Textile Download Download
5. Laboratory Study On Soil Stabilization Using Fly Ash Mixtures Download Download