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M.Tech-CSE-JAVA-Mobile Computing 2017-2018

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Mobile Computing

1. A Proxy-based Collaboration System to Minimize Content Download Time and Energy Consumption 2017 Download Download
2. Detecting Mobile Malicious Webpages in Real Time 2017 Download Download
3. Quantifying Interdependent Privacy Risks with Location Data 2017 Download Download
4. Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest 2017 Download Download
5. SUPERMAN Security Using Pre-Existing Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks 2017 Download Download
6. Providing Privacy-Aware Incentives in Mobile Sensing Systems 2016 Download Download
7. Energy and Memory Efficient Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016 Download Download
8. Detecting Node Failures in Mobile Wireless Networks: A Probabilistic Approach 2016 Download Download
9. Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 2015 Download Download
10. Wormhole Attack Detection Algorithms in Wireless Network Coding Systems 2015 Download Download
11. Preserving Location Privacy in Geo-Social Applications 2014 Download Download