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M.Tech-CSE-JAVA-BIG DATA 2019-20

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Projects List


Base Paper



1. A Distributed Computing Platform for fMRI Big Data Analytics 2019 Download Download
2. A Survey on Geographically Distributed Big-Data Processing using MapReduce 2019 Download Download
3. Handling Big Data Using a Data-Aware HDFS and Evolutionary Clustering Technique 2019 Download Download
4. Heterogeneous Architectures for Big Data Batch Processing in MapReduce Paradigm 2019 Download Download
5. Trident: Distributed Storage, Analysis, and Exploration of Multidimensional Phenomena 2018 Download Download
6. Clustering Analysis in the Wireless Propagation Channel with a Variational Gaussian Mixture Model 2018 Download Download
7. 5G-Smart Diabetes: Toward Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis with Healthcare Big Data Clouds 2018 Download Download
8. On Scalable and Robust Truth Discovery in Big Data Social Media Sensing Applications 2018 Download Download
9. MR-Mafia: Parallel Subspace Clustering Algorithm Based on MapReduce For Large Multi-dimensional Datasets 2018 Download Download
10. HDM: A Composable Framework for Big Data Processing 2017 Download Download
11. Heterogeneous Data Storage Management with De-duplication in Cloud Computing 2017 Download Download
12. Secure k-NN Query on Encrypted Cloud Data with Multiple Keys 2017 Download Download
13. NPP: A New Privacy-Aware Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud Data Sharing with Group Users 2017 Download Download
14. Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure De-duplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud 2017 Download Download