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B.Tech-Mechanical-Hardware- Mini Projects 2015

 Download Poject List


Projects List



1. Mini wind mill cell phone charger Download
2. Pedal operated cell phone charger Download
3. Automatic vehicles accident prevention system Download
4. Automatic brake failure detection Download
5. Remote controlled car / bus door open /close system Download
6. Automatic head light dim/bright and engine over heating alarm Download
7. Vehicle ignition using RFID /SMART CARD Download
8. Two wheeler automation with security system Download
9. Automatic plant water moisture monitoring system for garden Download
10. Automatic rain operated wiper Download
11. Air pollution monitor Download
12. Automatic cell phone charger with pay system Download
13. Integrated drunk and drive prevention system Download
14. Automatic vehicle speed monitoring using IR rays Download
15. Mini fire fighting robot Download
16. Solar cell phone charger Download
17. Fabrication of solar fan with lighting system Download
18. Line following robot Download
19. Automatic street light controller Download
20. Cordless security system for cars Download
21. Solar panel sun tracking system Download
22. Emission tester (co2) for automobile Download
23. Energy saving light arrangement Download