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B.Tech-Mechanical-Hardware- Major Projects 2019-20

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Projects List


Mechanical Prototype Projects

1. Multipurpose Machine Single Motor Driller, Cutting And Grinder Download
2. Pneumatic Single Coke Tin Can Crusher Download
3. Bidirectional Wind Power Generation (Wind Rotates For All Directional Air Pressure ) Download
4. Hydel Power Generation With Over Head Tank. Download
5. Foot Step Based Rack And Pinion Motion Based Power Generation Using Dynamo Download
6. Power Generation From Silencer Exhorts Gasses To Charge Own Bike Battery Download
7. Power Generation Using Shock Absorber Based On Mechanical Motion For Automobile Engineering. Download
8. Pneumatic Based Bike Gear Changing Download
9. Pneumatic Punching Machine. Download
10. Geneva Mechanism Operated Conveyor Belt Download
11. Hand Operated Based Tricycle For Handicapped People Download
12. Hand Operated Beam Hexa Machine Download
13. Car Hydraulic Jack Using Internal Car Battery Download
14. Railway Track Based Power Generation With Rack And Pinion Mechanism Download
15. Rocker Bogie Mechanism Machine Download
16. Pneumatic Intelligent Breaking System Download
17. Pneumatic Automatic Bumper Download
18. Dual Way Pesticide Sprayer Solar &Mechanical Motion Tire Rotation Download
19. Quadra Hack Saw: Circular Motion To Linear Motion Four Side Quadra Hacksaw Download
20. Pneumatic Based Metal Sheet Cutter Using Air Compressor Download
21. Wheel drive fork lift for industry warehouses Download
22. Aqua silencer Download
23. Pneumatic bending mission Download
24. Automated car parking system Download
25. Attachable wheelchair automation Download