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B.Tech-CSE & IT -JAVA ( Mini Projects ) 2019-20

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Projects List


Android Application

1. Encrypted SMS System Download
2. Crime Reporter and Missing Person Finder Download
3. Picture Pattern Lock Download
4. Inventory Management System using Regression Algorithm Download
5. Voting System Download
6. PC controller Download
7. Hotel Management System Download
8. Expiry Reminder Application using OCR Download
9. Merchant Application Using QR Download
10. Electricity online bill payment system android Download
11. Mobile Application for College Management System Download
12. Employee Task Reminder Download
13. Expense Tracker Download
14. Mobile Application Interface to Register Citizen Complaint Download
15. Mobile Application for Student and Faculty Chatting Download
16. Weather Application Download
17. Smart Alumni discovery Download
18. Mobile Super Market Download
19. Mobile Patient Management System Download


1. Twitter Sentimental And News Download
2. Mobile Recommendation Download
3. Solar Bike Sharing Demand Prediction System Download
4. Drug To Drug Interaction Using Rnn Download
5. Facial Emotion Music Recommendation Using Cnn Download
6. Fingerprint Based Gender Classification Download
7. Hand Gesture Recognition System Download


1. Exploring How Privacy and Security Factor into IoT Device Purchase Behavior 2019 Download
2. Introduction to Minitrack on AI, Machine Learning, IOT & Analytics: Exploring The Implications For Knowledge Management And Innovation 2019 Download
3. Analysis of Performance and Energy Consumption of Wearable Devices and Mobile Gateways in IoT Applications 2019 Download
4. The preliminary results of a mapping study of deployment and orchestration for IoT 2019 Download
5. Denial-of-Sleep Attacks against IoT Networks 2019 Download

Machine Learning

1. Data Validation For Machine Learning 2019 Download
2. Performance Evaluation in Machine Learning: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Way Forward 2019 Download
3. A framework for benchmarking discrimination-aware models in machine learning 2019 Download

Cloud Computing

1. A Survey on Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud 2019 Download
2. Efficient Mobile Cloud Computing through Computation Offloading 2019 Download
3. Reliable Data Distribution Services in Cloud Computing 2019 Download
4. Privacy Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Over Cloud Computing 2019 Download
5. Fog Computing: An Efficient Platform for the Cloud-resource Management 2019 Download
6. An Efficient Virtual Machine Intrusion Detection System on Cloud Computing 2019 Download

Data Mining

1. Principles of Green Data Mining 2019 Download
2. Diagnosis of Various Thyroid Ailments using Data Mining Classification Techniques 2019 Download
3. Relationship between Regional Economic Development and Ecological Environment Based on Spatial Data Mining 2019 Download

Networking and Security

1. A Zero Trust Approach to Network Security 2019 Download
2. Darknet Security: A Categorization of Attacks to the Tor Network 2019 Download
3. BSec-NFVO: A Blockchain-based Security for Network Function Virtualization Orchestration 2019 Download

Big Data

1. Spark-Crowd: A Spark Package for Learning from Crowdsourced Big Data 2019 Download
2. Processing Large Raster and Vector Data in Apache Spark 2019 Download
3. Geospatial Data Management in Apache Spark: A Tutorial 2019 Download
4. Data-driven government: Creating value from Big and Open Linked Data Track: E-government 2019 Download
5. A New Framework For Statistical Thinking In Times Of Big Data And Digital Economy 2018 Download


1. Car Rental System Download
2. Youth Empowerment Services Download
3. Medi Tracking Download
4. E-Procurement Download
5. Holiday Trip Planner Download
6. E-learning Download
7 Music World Download
8. Government Schemes Alerts Download
9. E-Billing and Invoice system Download
10. Search your doctor Download
11. Hotel Management System Download
12. E-Classifieds Download
13. House Rental Management System Download
14. Net Auctions Download
15. Online Sales For Ayurvedic And Homeopathi Medicines Download
16. Online Venue Booking Download