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Projects List




1. Network Traffic Classification Using Correlation Information IEEE Download
2. A Data Fusion Technique for Wireless Ranging Performance Improvement IEEE Download
3. An Access Point-Based FEC Mechanism for Video Transmission Over Wireless LANs IEEE Download
4. EAACK—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System for MANETs IEEE Download
5. A Highly Scalable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Download
6. Efficient Algorithms for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks IEEE Download
7. FairTorrent: A Deficit-based Distributed Algorithm to Ensure Fairness in Peer-to-Peer Systems IEEE Download
8. Measu-Routing: A Framework for Routing Assisted Traffic Monitoring IEEE Download
9. Measuring Multipath Routing in the Internet IEEE IEEE Download
10. Design and implementation of TARF: a trust aware routing framework for wsns IEEE Download
11. An Authentication Code Against Pollution Attacks in Network Coding IEEE Download
12. AMPLE: An adaptive traffic engineering system based on virtual routing topologies IEEE Download
13. Providing end to end secure communications in wireless sensor networks IEEE Download
14. Analysis of Shortest Path Routing for Large Multi-Hop Wireless Networks IEEE Download
15. Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation for Multiple- Path Routing Using Portfolio Selection IEEE Download


1. Sampling online social network IEEE Download
2. Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases IEEE Download
3. SUSIE Search using services and information extraction IEEE Download
4. Horizontal Aggregations in SQL to Prepare Data Sets for Data Mining Analysis IEEE Download
5. Scalable Learning of Collective behavior IEEE Download
6. Data leakage detection IEEE Download
7. Optimization of horizontal aggregation in SQL by using Kmeans Clustering IEEE Download
8. A Survey of Indexing Techniques for Scalable Record Linkage and De duplication IEEE Download
9. Organizing user search histories IEEE Download
10. One Size Does Not Fit All: Towards User-and Query-Dependent Ranking For Web Databases IEEE Download


1. Secure Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Randomized Dispersive Routes IEEE Download
2. Trust Based Optimal Routing in MANET'S IEEE Download
3. Topology control in mobile ad-hoc networks with cooperative communications IEEE Download
4. Secure Data Collection In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Randomized Dispersive Routes IEEE Download
5. Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks IEEE Download


1. Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption IEEE Download
2. Data integrity and data dynamics with secure storage service in cloud IEEE Download
3. Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage IEEE Download
4. An Efficient and Secure Dynamic Auditing Protocol for Data Storage in Cloud Computing IEEE Download
5. Mona Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud IEEE Download
6. Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in Clouds IEEE Download
7. Cloud data production for masses IEEE Download
8. Efficient similarity search over encrypted data IEEE Download
9. Efficient audit service outsourcing for data integrity in clouds IEEE Download
10. Towards Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud Computing IEEE Download