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B.Tech-EEE-Embeded Systems ( Mini Projects ) 2017

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Projects List


1. Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Grid Communications Download
2. Optimal Scheduling Of Industrial Task-Continuous Load Management For Smart Power Utilization Download
3. Voice Alerts For Energy Meter System Download
4. Circuit Breaker Download
5. Identification Of Power Failure In Industries Download
6. Smart Locks For Home Appliances Controlling Download
7. Smart Meter With Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring For Use In Smart Homes Download
8. Design Of Automatic Phase Selector From Available 3 Phase With The Use Of Relay Download
9. Speed Controlling Of Universal Motor Using SCR Download
10. Home Appliance Electrical Fault Protection Download
11. RF Module Based Substations Monitoring Download
12. Transmission Line Security Monitoring And Protection Download
13. Automatic Mains Changeover Switch For Uninterrupted Power Supply Download
14. Microcontroller Based Automatic College Bell With Environment Monitoring System Download
15. DC Motor Speed Control Based On Chopper Download
16. 12V Lead Acid Battery Over And Under Voltage Protection Download
17. Smart Card Based Authenication System And Password Based Device Control Download
18. Design And Implementation Of An Automatic Voltage Regulator With A Great Precision And Proper Hysteresis Download
19. Time Based Automatic Trip Control System For Energy Management Download
20. Development Of An Energy Efficient Street Light Driving System Through Time And Sensor Download
21. Embedded Controller Based Smartcard Access Download
22. IGBT Based Close Loop Speed Control Of Universal Motor Download
23. Smart Billing For A Smarter Home Management Download
24. Automated Corridor Lighting System Download
25. Real Time Wireless Monitoring And Controling Of Water System Using RF Module Download
26. Wireless Speed And Direction Control Of DC Motor Using RF Technology Download
27. Protecting Of Devices In Industrial From Temperature And Voltage Excessive Download
28. Mems Technology Based Device Controlling Download
29. Identifying Motor Defects Through Fault Zone Analysis Download
30. Microcontroller Based Automatic Irrigation System Download
31. Prevention Of Major Industrial Accidents Download
32. DC Motor Control Using An H-Bridge Download
33. Design Of WSN(Wireless Sensor Network) To Controlling Of Home Appliances Download
34. Microcontroller Based Over Current Relay Download
35. Automation Of Industrial Parameters Monitoring System Using Microcontroller Download
36. Automatic Temperature Controlled Device Using Thermistor Download
37. Design Of WSN(Wireless Sensor Network) To Monitoring And Controlling Of Environmental Parameters Download
38. Prevention Of Electrical Hazard Download
39. Voltage Analysis At Different Nodes Using Micro Controller Download
40. DC Motor Speed Control Using Power Semi Conductor Device (IGBT) Download
41. RTC Based Automatic Water Level Control System Download
42. RTC Based Industrial Power Distribution System Download
43. Fan Speed Controlling Through Temperature Sensor Download
44. Modern Method For Protection Of Motor Using Microcontroller Download
45. Monitoring And Alert Electrical Transmission Line System Design And Implementation Download
46. Automatic Switch On/Off Of The Devices Through Voltage Level Download
47. Illeretares Friendly System For Central Control Unit For Irrigation Water Pumps Download
48. Automatic Door And Room Light Controller With A Visitor Present Download
49. Pwm Technique To Control Speed Of The DC Motor By Using Thermister Download
50. Visitors Count Based Power Management System In Shopping Malls Download
51. Ground Fault Detection System For Electrical Devices Download
52. Smart Electrical Oven Using RTC And Thermister Download
53. Controlling Of DC Motor Through Hand Gesture Download
54. Data Acquisition Technology For Maintenance Download
55. Bulb Intensity Control Through Touch Sensors Download
56. Speed And Direction Control Of Stepper Motor Using PC Download
57. Design Of DC-DC Boost Converter Download
58. High Voltage Fuse Blown Indicator With Voice Alert Download
59. Time Based Load Parameters Monitoring In Industry Download
60. Automatic Dam Shutter Control Based On Water Level Download
61. Design Of A PC-Based DC Motor Speed Control Download
62. Real Time Clock Based Led Street Light Automation Download
63. Blind People For Door Lock Using Haptics Interfaces Download
64. Smart Street Light Using Sensors Download
65. Security Based On Stepper Motor Control Using Micro Controller Download
66. Voice Alert System For Measuring Temperature At Different Regions Download
67. Home Appliance Control And Energy Management Using PIR Sensor Download
68. A Read Switch Measureing The Speed Of DC Motor Download
69. Microcontroller Based Automated Gate Barrier With Vehicle Counter Download
1. DC Motor Control Download
2. Temperature Based Fan Control Download
3. LDR Based Street Light Control System Download
4. Person Detection And Alert System By Using IR Sensor Download
5. Power Failure Alert System Download
6. Power Supply Indication System Download
7. Fire Alert System Download
8. Rain Based Dam Control Download
9. DC Motor Direction Control Download
10. Temperature Based Motor Control Download
11. Alochol Detection System Download
12. Temperature Based Voice Alert Download
13. Fire Based Voice Alert Download
14. Alochol Detection With Voice Alert Download
15. Voltage Fault Alert System Download
16. Curret Fault Alert System Download
17. Wireless Device Control Download
18. Wireless DC Motor Direction Control Download