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B.Tech-EEE-Simulation 2017-2018

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Projects List



Base Paper

1. A New Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Topology For Medium And High Voltage Applications 2017 Download Download
2. Analysis And Control Of Buck-Boost Converter With The Same Input Polarity Based On Novel Energy Factor Evaluation 2017 Download Download
3. Application Of Buck-Boost Converter For Wind Energy Control 2017 Download Download
4. Design And Analysis Of Multi input Buck-Boost Converter With Less Number Of Switches 2017 Download Download
5. Design Of UPQC Based On Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter For Mitigation Of Voltage Sag And Current Harmonics 2017 Download Download
6. Design Of A MPPT Solar Charge Controller In Matlab- Simulink GUI Environment 2017 Download Download
7. Enhancing The LVRT Capability And Mitigation Of Power Quality Issues Using UPQC Of A Grid Connected Wind Conversion System 2017 Download Download
8. Harmonic Mitigation Analysis Of Pi And Fuzzy Logic Based Shunt Active Power Filters For Different Nonlinear Loads 2017 Download Download
9. Harmonics Elimination Using Shunt Active Filter 2017 Download Download
10. Implementation Of PV - Based Boost Converter Using Pi Controller With Pso Algorithm 2017 Download Download
11. Improvement Of Power Quality In The Distribution System By Placement Of UPQC 2017 Download Download
12. Modeling And Simulation Study Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Turbine System In Micro-Grid Application 2017 Download Download
13. Modelling And Simulation Of Wind Turbine Using PMSG 2017 Download Download
14. Modelling/Simulation Of MPPT Techniques For Photovoltaic Systems Using MATLAB 2017 Download Download
15. MPPT With Current Control For A PMSG Small Wind Turbine In A Grid-Connected Dc Microgrid 2017 Download Download
16. PI Tunning Of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Optimization Techniques 2017 Download Download
17. Power Quality Improvement Of Three Phase System Using Shunt Active Power Filter 2017 Download Download
18. Single Inductor Multiple Output Buck-Boost Converter 2017 Download Download
19. Single Phase Seven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter 2017 Download Download
20. Solar Photovoltaic Generator With MPPT And Battery Storage 2017 Download Download
21. Wind Farm Stabilisation Using UPQC Based Systems 2017 Download Download
22. A Cascaded Modular Multilevel Inverter Topology Using Novel Series Basic Units With A Reduced Number Of Power Electronic Elements 2016 Download Download
23. A Hybrid Fuzzy-Pi Based Improved IUPQC Controller To Supply Extra Grid-Voltage Regulation As A STATCOM 2016 Download Download
24. A Novel Single-Phase Multilevel Transformerless PV Inverter For Reduced Common-mode current 2016 Download Download
25. An Approach Of Hybrid Modulation In Fusion Seven-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Accomplishment To IM Drive System 2016 Download Download
26. Analysis Of STATCOM, Svc And UPFC Facts Devices For Transient Stability Improvement In Power System 2016 Download Download
27. Capacitor Current Fixed Off-Time Control For Buck Converter With Fast Response And Output Capacitor ESR 2016 Download Download
28. Comparison Between Five-Level And Seven­ Level Active Neutral Point Clamped Converter For Photovoltaic Energy Generation 2016 Download Download
29. Design of Agricultural based water pumping drive system using Bridgeless Buck-Boost converter 2016 Download Download
30. Isolated/Non-Isolated Quad-Inverter Configuration For Multilevel Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Dual Six-Phase Star-Winding Converter 2016 Download Download
31. Mathematical Modelling Of An 3 Phase Induction Motor Using Matlab/Simulink 2016 Download Download
32. Modeling And Simulation Of Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithm For Solar PV Array Using Boost Converter 2016 Download Download
33. Multi Carrier PWM and Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique For Cascade Multilevel Inverter 2016 Download Download
34. Power Quality Improvement in Micro Grid System using Fuzzy - UPQC Controller 2016 Download Download
35. PWM Control Techniques For Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Based Controlled Dc Cells 2016 Download Download
36. Simulation And Modeling Of STATCOM And Windfarm In Transmission Line Using Matlab And Analysis Of Bus Voltage 2016 Download Download
37. Simulation Of Three Phase Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switches 2016 Download Download
38. THD Analysis Of An Overlapping Carrier Based SPWM For A 5-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter 2016 Download Download
39. Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) in Alleviation of Power Quality Issues 2016 Download Download
40. A Dual Inverter For An Open End Winding Induction Motor Drive Without An Isolation Transformer 2016 Download Download
41. A Four-Switch Three-Phase SEPIC-Based Inverter 2016 Download Download
42. A New Hybrid Active Neutral Point Clamped Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter 2015 Download Download
43. A Systematic Approach To Hybrid Railway Power Conditioner Design With Harmonic Compensation For High-Speed Railway 2015 Download Download
44. A Torque Control Strategy Of Brushless Direct Current Motor With Current Observer 2015 Download Download
45. An Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer-Ultracapacitor Design For Improving Power Quality Of The Distribution Grid 2015 Download Download
46. Application Of Fact Devices For Voltage Stability In A Power System 2015 Download Download
47. Compherensive Design Of A 100 Kw/400 V High Performance Ac-Dc Converter 2015 Download Download
48. Design Of Push Pull Quasi Resonant Boost Converter For Power Factor Correction 2015 Download Download
49. Detection Of Fault Location By Phasor Measurement Units 2015 Download Download
50. DVR With Auxiliary Dc Voltage Source Provided By A High Power Diode Based Rectifier Used In MV Connections Substations. 2015 Download Download
51. Five-Level Inverter Using Pod PWM Technique 2015 Download Download
52. Fuzzy Controlled UPQC For Power Quality Enhancement In a DFIG Based Grid Connected Wind Power System 2015 Download Download
53. Improved-Power-Quality Bridgeless-Converter-Based Multiple-Output SMPS 2015 Download Download
54. Improving The Performance Of Cascaded H-bridge Based Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2015 Download Download
55. Integration Of Grid Connected PMG Wind Energy And Solar Energy Systems Using Different Control Stratagies 2015 Download Download
56. Modelling, Simulation And Performance Evaluation Of Solar PV wind Hybrid Energy System 2015 Download Download
57. Novel High Performance Dc Reactor Type Fault Current Limiter 2015 Download Download
58. Performance Evaluation Of Sinusoidal And Space Vector Pulse-Width-Modulation For Power Quality Enhancement In Distributed Generation Systems 2015 Download Download
59. Power Quality Improvement By Using Shunt Hybrid Power Filter And Thyristor Controlled Reactor 2015 Download Download
60. Power Quality Improvement Using DVR (Dynamic Voltage Restorer) 2015 Download Download
61. Simulation And Implementation Of Multilevel Inverter Based BLDC Motor Drive 2015 Download Download
62. Sizing Of A VRB Battery Based On Max-Min Method Of Power Dispatch In A Wind-PV Hybrid System 2015 Download Download
63. SSSC Based SSR Mitigation In Hybrid System Using Optimized Fuzzy Logic Controller 2015 Download Download
64. A Solar Power Generation System With A Seven-Level Inverter 2015 Download Download
65. A Z-Source Half-Bridge Converter 2015 Download Download
66. High Gain Step Up Dc-Dc Converter For Dc Micro-Grid Application 2015 Download Download
67. High-Frequency Ac-Link PV Inverter 2015 Download Download
68. Hybrid Power Electronic Controller For Combined Operation Of Constant Power And Maximum Power Point Tracking For Single-Phase Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems 2015 Download Download
69. Modeling And Simulation Of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) 2015 Download Download
70. Power Quality Improvement In Distributed Generation Resources Using UPQC 2015 Download Download
71. Power System Stabilization Using Virtual Synchronous Generator With Alternating Moment Of Inertia 2015 Download Download
72. Review Of Hydropower Plant Models 2015 Download Download
73. Simulation Techniques Of Electrical Power System Stability Studies Utilizing Matlab/Simulink 2015 Download Download
74. Three-Phase Tri-State Buck–Boost Integrated Inverter For Solar Applications 2015 Download Download