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B.Tech-EEE-Embeded Systems 2016-2017

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Projects List


Base Paper

1. Implementation Of VVVF Drive For A Single Phase Induction Machine IEEE Download
2. An Algorithm For Home Energy Management Using Environmental Conditions IEEE Download
3. Design And Development Of A Stand-Alone Solar Energy Harvesting System By MPPT And Quick Battery Charging IEEE Download
4. Weather Based Smart Watering System Using Soil Sensor And GSM IEEE Download
5. Design Of Embedded Based Automated Reading System For Real Time Processing IEEE Download
6. A Cyber Security Detection Framework For Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems IEEE Download
7. Obstacle Detection And Avoidance By A Mobile Robot IEEE Download
8. Performance Of Phasor Measurement Units For Power Quality Event Detection In Urban Distribution Grids IEEE Download
9. Power Reduction For Smart Homes IEEE Download
10. A New Approach For Fault Location On Modern Distribution Systems With Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (DER) IEEE Download
11. A Smart Zigbee Based Real Time Automatic Meter Reading Of Household Energy-Meter IEEE Download
12. Environment And Solar Map Construction For Solar-Powered Mobile Systems IEEE Download
13. A Framework Of A Smart System For Prepaid Electric Metering Scheme IEEE Download
14. The Application Is Based On Parameters Monitoring And Controlling Of Universal Motor Speed Control System IEEE Download
15. Design And Implementation Of Low-Cost SMS Based Monitoring System Of Distribution Transformers IEEE Download
16. Automatic Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System IEEE Download
17. A Fast Mechanical Switch For Medium-Voltage Hybrid DC And AC Circuit Breakers IEEE Download
18. GSM Based Smart Home And Digital Notice Board IEEE Download
19. Design And Implementation Of A Home Automation System For Smart Grid Applications IEEE Download
20. Surveillance And Steering Of Irrigation System Using Wireless Sensor Network IEEE Download
21. Real-Time Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks For Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems IEEE Download
22. Current Transformer Saturation Prevention Using A Controlled Voltage Source Compensator IEEE Download
23. An Integrated Protection And Control System For Electricity Distribution Networks Based On Package Transmission Communication Network IEEE Download
24. A Novel Adaptive Phase Selector Based On Fault Component IEEE Download
25. A Wireless Sensor Network For Distributed Transient Fault Management Methodology IEEE Download
26. Decision Model For Sustainable Electricity Procurement Using Nationwide Demand Response IEEE Download
27. Design And Implementation Of Four Quadrant DC Drive Using Chopper IEEE Download
28. Design And Implementation Of A Zigbee For Home Automation Control System And Power Monitoring System IEEE Download
29. Room Ventilation Control By A Self-Sensing Fan IEEE Download
30. Impact Demand Response Of Smart Home Management Strategies On Expected Lifetime Of Transformer IEEE Download
31. Electric Sweeping Machine (Universal Motors)Speed Control System Using TRAIC IEEE Download
32. Current Transformer Selection Techniques For Low-Voltage Motor Control Centers IEEE Download
33. Remote Monitoring Of High-Voltage Disconnect Switches In Electrical Distribution Substations IEEE Download
34. Mobile System Shutdown Prevention Via Energy Storage-Aware Predictive Control IEEE Download
35. Intelligent Power Supply Restoration In Power Distribution Networks With Distubuted Generation IEEE Download
36. Remote Condition Monitoring Of Real-Time Light Intensity And Temperature Data IEEE Download
37. Wireless Smart System For Monitoring And Driving Of Household Electrical Facilities Remotely Control IEEE Download
38. GSM Based DC Motor Monitoring And Speed Control IEEE Download
39. Wireless Real Time Security Control System For Smoke And Fire Detection With Message And Voice Alert IEEE Download
40. Design Of Smart Home Control System Based On Zigbee IEEE Download
41. The Design Of A Remote Meter Acquisition Module Based On RF IEEE Download
42. Innovative Differential Protection Of Power Transformers Using Low-Energy Current Sensors IEEE Download
43. Design Of Automatic Power Consumption Control System Using Smart Grid IEEE Download
44. PC-Based Efficient Monitoring For Overhead Transmission Line In Smart Grid IEEE Download
45. An Improved Method For Protection Of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Microcontroller IEEE Download
46. A Novel Technique Of Ac Power Control Using Micro Controller Based Inverter IEEE Download
47. Zigbee Wireless Network Based Energy Saving Project For Heating Systems IEEE Download
48. Low Cost Radio Frequency Controlled Robot For Environmental Condition Monitoring IEEE Download
49. Design Of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System For High-Voltage Transformer Based On Zigbee IEEE Download
50. A Zigbee Based Energy Efficient Environmental Monitoring Alerting And Controlling System IEEE Download
51. Optimal Data Transmission And Battery Charging Policies For Solar Powered Sensor Networks Using Markov Decision Process IEEE Download
52. Energy Saving Technology On Irrigation System For Rice Crop IEEE Download
53. An Intelligent System For Monitoring And Controlling Of Street Light Using GSM Technology IEEE Download
54. Automation Of Residential Electricity Cut Off Using Network Based Embedded Controller IEEE Download
55. Wireless Humidity And Temperature Monitoring And Alarming System IEEE Download
56. Remote-Controllable And Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication IEEE Download
57. Automatic Irrigation System On Sensing Soil Moisture And Real Time Set IEEE Download
58. Wireless Home Appliance Like Fan Speed Control Using RF Communication IEEE Download
59. Design Of Multi-Axis Motion Control System For Stepping Motor IEEE Download
60. Design & Implementation Of Wireless Transceiver For Data Acquisition In Wireless Sensor Network IEEE Download
61. Wireless And Sensor Fusion System For Indoor Human Detection Method For Residential Smart Energy Systems IEEE Download
62. Information Model And Communication Protocol For Remote Monitoring Of Power Supply IEEE Download
63. The Automatic Precision Water-Saving Irrigation Control System IEEE Download
64. Wireless Sensor Network And GSM Based Remote Home Security System IEEE Download
65. Chopper Circuit Based DC Motor Speed Control IEEE Download
66. RTC Base Automatic Induction Heating System IEEE Download
67. Variable Speed Control Of Universal Motor By Using Power Electronics Device Like IGBT/MOSFET IEEE Download
68. Fault Detection For UPS System Using GSM IEEE Download
69. Automatic Transformer Distribution And Load Sharing With Auto Protection IEEE Download
70. Voice Alert System for Residential/Industrial Security Applications IEEE Download
71. GSM Based Distance Calculation For Transmission Line Fault IEEE Download
72. Electric Lineman Protection Using User Changeable Password Based Circuit Breaker IEEE Download