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B.Tech-EEE-Embeded Systems 2017-2018

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Projects List


Base Paper

1. Environment Energy Estimate For Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicles IEEE Download
2. Cyber-Physical-Security Framework For Building Energy Management System For Scada IEEE Download
3. An Improved High-Performance Open-Loop V/F Control Method For Induction Machines IEEE Download
4. Integrated Distributed Line Man Authentication Protocol For Smart Grid Communications With Sms Alert IEEE Download
5. Design And Implementation Of Real Time Transformer Health Monitoring System Using Gsm Technology IEEE Download
6. An Ann-Ga Semantic Rule-Based System To Reduce The Gap Between Predicted And Actual Energy Consumption In Buildings IEEE Download
7. Smart Home Automation System Using Bluetooth Technology IEEE Download
8. Design And Implementation Of Remotely Located Energy Meter Monitoring With Load Control And Mobile Billing System Through Gsm IEEE Download
9. Implementation Of Solar Time Based Sun Tracking Systems For Mobile Platforms And Smart Cities IEEE Download
10. Obstacle Avoidance In A Solar Powered Autonomous Vehicle IEEE Download
11. Automatic Smart Irrigation System Using Gsm Technology IEEE Download
12. Power Theft Detection For Electricity Meter Based On Gsm IEEE Download
13. Formal Verification Of Fault Location, Isolation And Service Restoration In Distribution Automation IEEE Download
14. Phasor Measurement Units Implementation For A Wide Area Measurement Of A Power System IEEE Download
15. High Efficient And Intelligent System For Monitoring And Controlling Of Street Light Using Gsm Technology IEEE Download
16. A Novel Technology For Smart Agriculture Based On Iot IEEE Download
17. An Energy Management Model For Energetic Communities Of Smart Homes IEEE Download
18. Design And Implementation Of An Assisted Real-Time Zigbee Mesh Wsn Based Amr System For Deployment In Smart Cities IEEE Download
19. Current-Transformer Saturation Prevention Using A Controlled Voltage-Source Compensator IEEE Download
20. Direct And Indirect Sensing Two-Axis Solar Tracking System IEEE Download
21. Iot Based Real-Time Residential Energy Meter Monitoring System IEEE Download
22. Pwm Controller Based Performance Measures Of Speed Control Of Electrical Motor For Industrial Applications IEEE Download
23. Utility Implements Communications-Assisted Protection And Control Schemes For Distribution Substations IEEE Download
24. Smartcard Based Prepaid Energy Meter And Home Automation With Reporting IEEE Download
25. A Flexible Variable-Speed Control Model And Optimization Method Of Universal Motors Using Traic IEEE Download
26. Utilization Of Solar Energy In Rural Environment For Domestic Dc Power Supply IEEE Download
27. Design And Implementation Of A Home Automation System For Smart Grid Applications IEEE Download
28. Smart Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation Using Ldr IEEE Download
29. Advanced Voltage Support And Active Power Flow Control In Grid-Connected Converters Under Unbalanced Conditions IEEE Download
30. Demand Side Management In A Smart Grid Environment IEEE Download
31. Design Of An Intelligent Management System For Agricultural Greenhouses Based On The Internet Of Things IEEE Download
32. Ventilation Monitoring And Control System For High Rise Historical Buildings IEEE Download
33. Service-Oriented Data Acquisition Management And Device Control For Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems IEEE Download
34. Home Security Event-Based Smart Energy Meter Using Gsm Technologies IEEE Download
35. Intelligent Power Supply Restoration In Power Distribution Networks With Distubuted Generation IEEE Download
36. Optimization And Energy Management In Smart Home Considering Photovoltaic, Wind, And Battery Storage System With Integration Of Electric Vehicles IEEE Download
37. Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Gsm Sms IEEE Download
38. Design And Implementation Of A Smart Home Energy Saving System With Active Loading Feature Identification And Power Management IEEE Download
39. Smart Grid Fault Detection System Using Gsm IEEE Download
40. Current Transformer Selection Techniques For Low-Voltage Motor Control Centers IEEE Download
41. Low Cost Radio Frequency Controlled Robot For Environmental Condition Monitoring IEEE Download
42. Mobile System Shutdown Prevention Via Energy Storage-Aware Predictive Control IEEE Download
43. Impact Of Open Phase Fault Conditions On Electrical Protection And Motor Behaviour IEEE Download
44. Sensor Data Condition Monitoring Of Real-Time Light Intensity And Temperature IEEE Download
45. Smart, Low Power, Wearable Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System For Environmental Monitoring IEEE Download
46. Analysis And Design Of An Electronic On-Load Tap Changer Distribution Transformer For Automatic Regulation IEEE Download
47. Testing And Analysis Of Dynamic Response Of A High Voltage Substation Structure To Connect Switches IEEE Download
48. Microcontroller Based Digital Meter With Alert System Using Gsm Message And Voice Alert IEEE Download
49. The Design Of A Remote Meter Acquisition Module Based On Rf IEEE Download
50. Intelligent Security System For Residential And Industrial Automation IEEE Download
51. A Wavelet-Based Transformer Differential Protection With Differential Current Transformer Saturation And Cross-Country Fault Detection IEEE Download
52. Speed Control Of Universal Motor Using Igbt IEEE Download
53. Zigbee Wireless Network Based Energy Saving Project For Heating Systems IEEE Download
54. Microcontroller Based Earthquake Detection System For Spontaneous Cut-Off Of Domestic Utility Lines For Safety Measures IEEE Download
55. Wireless Smart System For Monitoring And Driving Of Household Electrical Facilities Remotely Control IEEE Download
56. A Zigbee Based Energy Efficient Environmental Monitoring Alerting And Controlling System IEEE Download
57. Design And Implementation Of Four Quadrant Dc Drive Using Chopper IEEE Download
58. Automation Of Residential Electricity Cut Off Using Network Based Embedded Controller IEEE Download
59. Design Of Automatic Power Consumption Control System Using Smart Grid IEEE Download
60. Cost-Efficient Placement Of Communication Connections For Over Head Transmission Line Monitoring IEEE Download
61. Single-Phasing Protection Of Line-Operated Motors Of Different Password IEEE Download
62. Rf Remote Based Speed Controller Design For A Exhaust Fan IEEE Download
63. Fault Phase Identification With Fault Location Calcualtion Using Gsm IEEE Download
64. An Automatic Control Method Of Heat Extraction System In Thermal Power Unit IEEE Download
65. Prototyping Design Of Electronic End-Devices For Smart Home Applications IEEE Download
66. Real Time Autonomous Irrigation Module Design IEEE Download
67. A Wireless Sensor Network For Distributed Transient Fault Management Methodology IEEE Download
68. Energy Saving In Pump Units For Melioration And Irrigation Systems IEEE Download
69. Malfunction Detection Of The Cooling System In Air-Forced Power Transformers Using Online Thermal Monitoring IEEE Download
70. A Human Detection Method For Residential Smart Energy Systems Based On Wireless Sensor Network IEEE Download
71. Robust Multi-Angle Motion Control System For Stepping Motor IEEE Download
72. Residential/Industrial Control System For Security With Voice Alert IEEE Download
73. Intelligent Control Of Irrigation System For Water-Saving Cultivation IEEE Download
74. Development Of Novel Distribution Automation System (Das) On Customer Side Distribution System Based On Rtc And Gsm Sms IEEE Download
75. Effects Of Voltage Sags On Household Loads IEEE Download