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B.Tech-ECE-VLSI ( Mini Projects )

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Projects List


1. Design and Implementation of a Real-time Traffic Light Control System Download
2. Optimized design MP3 Decoder for high speed applications Download
3. A Review on Reversible Logic Gates and their Implementation Download
4. Implementation of Dadda Algorithm and its applications Download
5. Highly secured Digital Safe Lock Implementation using Verilog HDL/VHDL Download
6. VLSI Implementation of Veterbi Encoder and Decoder Download
7. Design and Implementation of Digital Alarm System Download
8. Area efficient Image Compression Technique using DWT Download
9. Design of Glitch free Digitally Controlled Delay Lines(DCDL) Download
10. 12-Hour format Digital clock design to display it on a seven segment display Download
11. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applicable clock distribution techniques Download
12. Agent based architecture of NOC based router Download
13. Design and Implementation Of Double Based Number System(DBNS) Download
14. Implementation Of Guessing Game Download
15. High speed and Area efficient Radix-8 Multiplier for DSP applications Download
16. Error Protection Scheme For Registers(Self Immunity Technique) Download
17. Design and implementation of LUT using APC-OMS Technique Download
18. VLSI Design of ATM (automatic teller machine) Controller Download
19. Design of FIR Filter using Verilog HDL Download
20. Design Of I2C Protocol Download
21. Implementation of 8-bit Microcontroller on VLSI platform Download
22. Design Of FSM based Sequence Detector Download
23. Design and Implementation Of Random Number Generator Download
24. Asynchronous Swallow Counter Using D-flip flops Download
25. CRC generation for error detection and correction Download
26. Parallel prefix adders for cryptographic applications Download
27. Design and implementation of Hamming code using Verilog Download
28. Implementation of ID authentication system to read Barcodes Download
29. Power Efficient Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Download
30. Design Of Advanced High Performance Bus protocal Download
31. VLSI design of Wallace tree architecture using compressors Download
32. Design and Implementation of DES Download
33. Design Of Radix-2 Fast Fourier Transforms(Butterfly Architectures) Download
34. RS 232 logic design on VLSI platform Download
35. A Low power PLL for high Resolution Retinal Prosthesis Download
36. Low power design of Flip flop using reversible logic Download
37. Design Of 4:2 and 5:2 Compressor Using CMOS Download
38. Realization of Basic Gates Using MUX in CMOS Designs Download
39. Low Power and Low Phase Noise Current Starved VCO Download
40. Low power 6T SRAM design Download
41. Compensated Ring Oscillator With Addition-Based Current Source Download
42. CMOS Full-Adders For Energy Efficient Arithmetic Application Download
43. Low-Voltage Differential Signaling Drivers Download
44. Low power design of ripple carry adder Download
45. ROM-Embedded SRAM Cache Download