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B.Tech-ECE-DSP/DIP ( Mini Projects ) 2017

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Projects List



1. On Performance Of Linear Adaptive Filtering Algorithms In Acoustic Echo Control In Presence Of Distorting Loudspeakers IEEE Download
2. A Robust Audio Multi-watermarking algorithm Based on Vector Quantization IEEE Download
3. Compression of Encrypted Image using Wavelet Transform IEEE Download
4. Gender Detection using Machine Learning Techniques and Delaunay Triangulation IEEE Download
5. Content Based Image Retrieval: Classification Using Neural Networks IEEE Download
6. Automatic Red Blood Cell Counting Using Hough Transform IEEE Download
7. Image De-Blurring & De-Noising Using Wiener Filter & Anisotropic Diffusion For Natural Images IEEE Download
8. Detection of acute leukemia using white blood cells segmentation based on blood samples IEEE Download
9. QR Code with Colored Image IEEE Download
10. Face recognition using viola jones and PCA IEEE Download
11. Removal of High Density Salt & Pepper Noise Through Super Mean Filter for Natural Images IEEE Download
12. A new methodology for SP noise removal in digital image processing IEEE Download
13. Denoising using iso tropic difussion and wiener filtering IEEE Download
14. Biometric Authentication by Dorsal Hand Vein Pattern IEEE Download
15. An improved fog-removing method for the traffic monitoring image IEEE Download
16. Automated Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels using Optimized Gabor Filter with Local Entropy Thresholding IEEE Download
17. An Automated Ear Identification System Using Gabor Filter Responses IEEE Download
18. Speech enhhancenmet using adaptive filtering IEEE Download
19. Image retrieval using both color and texture IEEE Download
20. Image Classification By K-Means Clustering Synopsis. IEEE Download
21. DWT-SVD based Dual Watermarking Scheme. IEEE Download
22. Speech Watermarking (Audible) Using Dwt For Copyright Protection Process. IEEE Download
23. Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification of Pixel Differences IEEE Download
24. Image Encryption Using Bitplane Crypt Algorithm Abstract. IEEE Download
25. Wavelet Based Palm Print Authentication System Synopsis IEEE Download
26. Adaptive Noise Cancellation for Speech Processing In Real Time Environment IEEE Download
27. Svd Based Blind Watermarking Algorithm Synopsis IEEE Download
28. Face Segmentation In Color Images And Video Sequences Synopsis IEEE Download
29. A Session based Multiple Image Hiding Technique using DWT and DCT IEEE Download
30. Development Of A Novel Voice Verification System Using Wavelets Synopsis IEEE Download
31. Image enhancement for improving face detection under non-uniform lighting conditions IEEE Download
32. Accurate Eye Location tracking system IEEE Download
33. Image compression using different types of wavelets IEEE Download
34. A wavelet based de-noising of the electroencephalogram (EEG) signal to correct for the presence of the ocular artifact (OA) IEEE Download
35. Image Resolution Enhancement By Using Discrete And Stationary Wavelet Decomposition IEEE Download
36. Signal Adaptive Subband Decomposition For Adaptive Noise Cancellation IEEE Download
37. Face Tracking In Real Time Videos Synopsis IEEE Download
38. Affine Transformation Resistant Watermarking Based on Image Normalization IEEE Download
39. An Adaptive Audio Watermarking Based On The Singular Value Decomposition In The Wavelet Domain IEEE Download
40. Image Enhancement And Noise Removal Using Bilateral Filter IEEE Download
41. Warped Discrete Cosine Transform For Noisy Speech Enhancement IEEE Download
42. Skin Tone Steganography for Real Time Images IEEE Download
43. Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Sharpness Enhancement and Noise Removal IEEE Download
44. Video Enhancement Using Spatial Filtering IEEE Download
45. An Adaptive KLT Approach for Speech Enhancement IEEE Download
46. Image Compression Based On Gaussian Pyramids IEEE Download
47. A New Approach For Image Segmentation Using Pillar K-Means Algorithm IEEE Download
48. An Image Quality Assessment Metric Based Contourlet IEEE Download
49. Color Coded Cryptography IEEE Download
50. Combined DCT and Companding For PAPR Reduction in OFDM Signals IEEE Download
51. Iris Recognition Using Cumulative Sum Based Change Analysis IEEE Download
52. Moving Target Detection Algorithm Based On The Dynamic Background Proposed method IEEE Download
53. Linear Companding Transform for the Reduction of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio of OFDM Signals IEEE Download
54. Adaptivewiener Filtering Approach For Speech Enhancement IEEE Download
55. Signal Denoising Using Integer Wavelet Transformation Synopsis IEEE Download
56. Advanced source coding technique for speech signals : A survey IEEE Download
57. A DWT based Approach for Steganography Using Biometrics IEEE Download
58. Performance Analysis of OFDM Using 4 PSK, 8 PSK And 16 PSK IEEE Download
59. Analysing full system (PC) details with GUI in MATLAB IEEE Download
60. Stationary and Non-Stationary noise removal from Cardiac Signals Using CSLMS, NLMS, BLMS algorithms IEEE Download