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B.Tech-ECE-DSP/DIP 2016-2017

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Projects List


Base Paper


1. Neural Network Based Receiver for Multiuser Detection in MC-CDMA Systems 2016 Download Download
2. Automatic Color Inspection for Colored Wires in Electric Cables 2016 Download Download
3. Face detection and attendance management system 2016 Download Download
4. A Histogram based Hybrid Approach for Medical Image Denoising using Wavelet and Curvelet Transforms 2016 Download Download
5. Multi resolution palm Image Fusion Approach For Image Enhancement 2016 Download Download
6. Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising Using Various Shrinkage Under Different Noise Conditions 2016 Download Download
7. Automated Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels using Optimized Gabor Filter with Local Entropy Thresholding 2016 Download Download
8. Non Iterative Algorithm for Multi-user Detection in DS-CDMA System: An Enhanced Harmony Search Algorithm 2016 Download Download
9. Lossless Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification for Image Authentication 2016 Download Download
10. A Simple Steganography Algorithm Based on Lossless Compression Technique in WSN 2016 Download Download
11. Adaptive lossless medical image watermarking on DCT & DWT 2016 Download Download
12. Dual Steganography: A New Hiding Technique for Digital Communication 2016 Download Download
13. Image Cryptography using Nearest Prime 2016 Download Download
14. Fast Image Encryption based on Random Image Key 2016 Download Download
15. Increased Security in Image Cryptography using Wavelet Transforms 2016 Download Download
16. PAPR Reduction in OFDM System using Phase Sequence of Riemann Matrix 2016 Download Download
17. Image transmission with OFDM using Low-complexity PTS with DCT 2016 Download Download
18. Speech Enhancement Using Combination of Digital Audio effects with Kalman Filter 2016 Download Download
19. A new SLM technique based on Genetic Algorithms for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems 2016 Download Download
20. Weighted Cyclic Prefix OFDM: PAPR Analysis and Performances Comparison with DFT-Precoding 2015 Download Download
21. MIMO-OFDM PAPR Reduction by Residue Number System 2015 Download Download
22. OFDM PAPR Reduction with Digital Amplitude Predistortion 2015 Download Download
23. Local-Prediction-Based Difference Expansion Reversible Watermarking 2014 Download Download
24. A Piecewise Linear Companding Transform for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals With Companding Distortion Mitigation 2014 Download Download
25. Hierarchical Super-Resolution-Based In painting 2013 Download Download
26. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption 2013 Download Download
27. Additive White Gaussian Noise Level Estimation in SVD Domain for Images 2013 Download Download
28. Audio Watermarking Via EMD 2013 Download Download
29. Perceptual Quality Metric With Internal Generative Mechanism 2013 Download Download
30. Singular value decomposition and wavelet-based iris biometric watermarking 2013 Download Download
31. QR Code Watermarking Algorithm based on Wavelet Transform 2013 Download Download
32. Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Nonlocal Means 2013 Download Download
33. Directive Contrast Based Multimodal Medical Image Fusion in NSCT Domain 2013 Download Download
34. Nonlinear Companding Transform for Reduction of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in OFDM Systems 2013 Download Download
35. Fingerprint Combination for Privacy Protection 2013 Download Download
36. Face tracking in real time videos 2013 Download Download
37. Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement for Emissive Displays Based on Histogram Equalization 2013 Download Download
38. An Automatic Wavelet-based Nonlinear Image Enhancement Technique for Aerial Imagery 2013 Download Download
39. Skin Tone Steganography for Real Time Images 2013 Download Download
40. Image retrieval using color and texture features 2013 Download Download
41. DWT-SVD based Dual Watermarking Scheme 2013 Download Download
42. A Robust Image Watermarking Using Two Level Dct And Wavelet Packets De-Noising 2013 Download Download
43. Adaptive Steganography Method Based On Integer wavelet Transform 2012 Download Download
44. New Histogram Modification Based Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm 2012 Download Download
45. A Hybrid Filter with Impulse Detection for Removal of Random Valued Impulse Noise from Color Videos 2012 Download Download
46. Wavelet based Palm Print Authentication system 2012 Download Download
47. Implementation of DHT & FFT based OFDM communication in AWGN channel 2012 Download Download
48. BER analysis of conventional and wavelet based OFDM in LTE using different modulation techniques 2012 Download Download
49. PAPR Reduction Techniques with Hybrid SLM-PTS Schemes for OFDM Systems 2012 Download Download
50. Combined DCT and Companding for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Signals 2012 Download Download
51. A new approach to analyze the PAPR in OFDM system by using DHT Pre-coded matrix for M-QAM 2012 Download Download
52. A Weighted OFDM Signal Scheme for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Signals 2012 Download Download
53. Energy-Efficient Transmission of DWT Image over OFDM fading Channel 2012 Download Download
54. Linear Companding Transform for the Reduction of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio of OFDM Signals 2012 Download Download