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What do you mean by the term "Academic Projects"? Apart from having fun and blasts during college days, students also have to effectively accomplish their college level projects. These projects, carried out on a basic or preliminary level, are known as Academic Projects. Such projects are generally the first step towards getting acquainted to the real time processes of the actual engineering industry. Being thorough with learning and training is a must, when you work on such academic level projects.
What is Academic Projects (a website in the making) and how does it work? Academic Projects is a website that offers web space to institutes, companies and individuals for discussing academic level and real time projects. It is a web based solution that helps these bodies get mutually benefitted by sharing ideas and holding forums among students and mentors who work on a particular project. You can connect to a person (student or mentor) working on the same project as yours (or that of a similar type), through this website. You can do this from your home, institute or workplace with the help of this online platform. It not just offers a space for learning and training, but also is a portal for barter and trade of real time, industry-level projects. Academic Projects is a ten year old idea that's ever evolving and offers you the convenience of e-learning with ease and perfection. For acquiring all benefits of this website, one needs to get registered with, details for which can be checked in further FAQ sections.
What Are The Advantages Of Academic Projects? If you come down to count the advantages of Academic Projects, there is not one but many. Academic Projects offers a brilliant environment for the sole purpose of discussing technical projects, research works and applications which will be beneficial for one and all. The research works carried out at industry level are initiated at institute level, by students and their teaching faculties. And, the real time projects developed at college level by students are put to applications at industry level. Academic Projects thus provides a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and efforts, from which the industry and institutes could mutually benefit. Besides, Academic Projects also offers opportunities for B.E. and M.C.A. graduates, from all over the country, to come and become a part of several long term projects that are carried out at campus level across India. Most of these projects are sponsored by the industry and when completely developed, these projects are picked up by the industry for real time application. Students and mentors behind such successful projects are recognized at the industry level and become a part of the talent based recruitment process of renowned multinational companies. Thus, though indirectly, but Academic Projects does help students build a great career. It aids companies to hire talented brains that can get their profits doubled in a short duration, by developing unimaginable real time applications. Institutes registered with Academic Projects can get acquainted with the set of other similar institutes, flaunt their academic research works and acquire a higher grade for their college.
Who is Academic Projects for? Academic Projects is a result of the hard efforts and innovative brains of a group of Engineers. Developed by engineers, this site is initially going to be a platform, solely of the engineers and for the engineers. Students, institutes, mentors coming from engineering background and companies dealing with engineering products and services are most welcome on They all can find space to connect and start a forum for discussion of technical projects. But this is just for the time being. As and when we grow, this website will probably be expanded to serve persons and communities from fields other than engineering as well.
What types of roles can I play at Academic Projects? Academic Projects allows you to play roles of a student, mentor, institute and company. Students can register on this website, where they can easily find apt mentors who could guide them with their projects. They can also become a part of the talent-based industry recruitment process by getting recognized for the real time projects they develop and execute. Students can advertise projects created by them and vend them to interested companies for monetary benefits. Mentors can guide students and have brainstorming knowledge transfer sessions with a group of budding and talented students. They can also upload research papers, blogs and articles they have worked upon, under the name of their respective institute or company. Mentors can promote projects created by them, under their institute or company name, and vend them to other interested companies in the industry. Institutes can register on and ask their students and faculty as well, to get registered individually with the site. Thus, various nave and upcoming institutes can gain recognition on the basis of the expert works of their students and teachers, which will benefit them with improved grades in the long run. Institutes can present projects created by their students and faculty, and can vend them to interested companies, thus bridging the space between institute and industry. Companies can join in at Academic Projects and can look out for freelancing students or institutes to get projects outsourced from them. Emerging companies can also purchase pre-developed real time projects from students, institutes or other companies. Small scale companies can promote the expertise of their mentors, who can further guide students for project based learning and training.
Why Should A Student Register On Academic Projects? Students who've come across this site and are wondering how it could be beneficial for them to register here, this section is for you guys. Most students in their graduation and post-graduation years wish to work on some challenging and real time projects, but are afraid to do so. They fear things like, what if they don't get proper guidance or the right mentor! With Academic Projects, you can surely shed all your frets, as this site will help you connect to mentors who are willing to help you on your project. You can discuss with them all your queries and doubts about the ongoing projects, online, and be clear with how and when to execute different stages of your project. Dealing with real time projects is a great way of exploring your real strengths and weaknesses as an engineer. Students registered on Academic Projects will get a chance to explore the real time works of the industry, share their ideas and knowledge, and seek guidance from skilled mentors of reputed institutes and companies. They can also create groups in which they can add other students who are willing to seek help on similar kinds of projects. This group will then have a mentor who will guide all students, thus creating a classroom like atmosphere online, on With pure project-based learning and practical training that is offered through this platform, students can be sure of getting excellent grades for their projects. They can also ensure of adding up to their resumes, thus improving their scope of opportunities for recruitment.
Why Should A Company Register On Academic Projects? Every company begins with faith, innovation and a handful of skilled employees. To improve their status in the market, each small scale corporation has to include good projects to their list, which can either be developed by the team of employees available with the company, or can be outsourced by practiced freelancers. Academic Projects endows them with a base to look out for institutes and students who have developed real time projects and are willing to vend them to companies. This website provides a platform where companies can get their concepts conveyed and developed, with the help of trained and capable students from various institutes. Companies can either purchase completely deployed projects from students and institutes, or can hire persons to turn their ideas to reality. Organizations can also provide project based training to students and then absorb this trained manpower to get the required project developed or customized. Small ideas can thus be conceived and worked upon for the betterment of mankind. Not just that, but the companies seeking help from institutes, through Academic Projects, are also sure to get their expertise in the research and development of a particular project or domain, thereby increasing their own shelf-knowledge. Companies can also put forward on this platform, the proficiency of their expert mentors who can guide students of various institutes with their academic level projects.
Why Should An Institute Register On Academic Projects? An institute is the very first place where a student or professor comes across the term 'project'. This is where students learn how to plan, develop and execute projects. The main aim of institutes behind making their students work on projects is to get them acquainted with the ongoing, real time works of the industry. Institutes can do this by registering with Academic Projects, where they can urge their students to register as well and seek benefits from expert mentors. These mentors can be from other institutes as well as companies, who shall provide project based guidance and training to students. This will definitely give rise to a culture of research and innovation at an institute, thus adding up to its goodwill for seeking better grades and placements. Institutes can also host project based learning for students, by putting forth the proficiency of their professors who can act as mentors. Institutes can advertise through Academic Projects for projects which they have developed, and we will get them linked to some company who might be interested in purchasing these projects. Such a connection and mutual dependency of colleges and companies will bridge the gap between educational institutes and the industry; and Academic Projects has a big role to play here.
Why Should A Mentor Register On Academic Projects? Mentors are counselors or advisors who guide students through the process of project development. These tutors can be from the industry or from an institute. By registering on Academic Projects, mentors can connect to students who are willing to seek training or learning in their project. Students can reach out to mentors by exploring their field of expertise. Mentors will then be contacted by students and project based learning can initiate in the way they mutually decide. By registering on Academic Projects, mentors can get personal satisfaction of developing or guiding students on some real time projects. Thus, they can improve their personal knowledge and develop latest skills by coming in contact with modern-age students. Academic Projects will provide mentors with a platform to create a close association with institutes and the industry. Mentors can also put up their own articles and research work papers for students and institutes to refer and learn from them. Mentors can even advertise their projects under their company or institute name, for other institutes and organizations to purchase them.
What are the services that I can provide or get through Academic Projects? Academic Projects helps students, institutes and companies to offer and avail services, to and from each other, for mutual benefits. Institute or Student Service availed: Registered as an institute or student, you can seek project related guidance from mentors of other institutes and companies. Service provided: You can also vend pre-developed projects to companies that show a demand for the same. Company Service availed: As a company on Academic Projects, you can get projects developed or customized by freelancing students. Service provided: You can provide services by promoting your expert employees as mentors on Academic Projects. These mentors will provide project-related knowledge and training to aspiring students from institutes.
Why should I enroll on By now, you must be thorough with the advantages that you can seek from Academic Projects. To completely avail the benefits that this platform has to provide, you will need to register with or enroll on the website A student, institute, mentor or company not registered with the site will not be able to view the names of other registered individuals and groups. Also, the various projects being discussed upon, on this website will be restricted for entities that are not enrolled on the site. Hence, it is recommended to first enroll you on and gain all the benefits we have to offer.
How much do I need to pay for enrollment? Good News!!! Since Academic Projects has just been conceived, it wishes to offer free services to all its registered members. Yes, you can enroll without any charges on this website and gain a vast platform for project based discussions and learning. Gradually, the site will charge and members will be notified accordingly. But that will be at a much later stage. For the time being, registration is for Free!
How do I enroll? Enrolling oneself on is the gateway to complete access of the website. For getting registered with the site, you can click on the "register" option, which can be found in the upper right corner of the webpage. We have different enrollment forms for different users depending upon their roles. You can choose your signup form by selecting from the drop down box against the "SELECT YOUR ROLE" tab in the Dashboard. Student Signup Students willing to get enrolled on Academic Projects will have to provide their email id, password, name and gender, date of birth, the college or institute they come from and the semester or year of their education. Institute Signup Institutes will have to provide some additional information during the registration process, apart from login details. This information will consist of attributes like name and type of the institute, branch, year of establishment, director in charge, courses offered, address and contact details, along with the purpose of registration. Company Signup Apart from the basic login and contact details, a company registering with Academic Projects will have to feed factors like name of the person to contact, to which class of industry does the company belong, a small description of their business and size of the same, various products developed so far and the areas of ongoing R&D at present, the quality certification acquired by the company and the purpose of registration. Mentor Signup While enrolling with Academic Projects, a mentor will have to provide login details, contact details, area and college of qualification, present designation, services provided, skilled acquired and the purpose of enrollment. Any important points to be considered while enrolling? A mentor can sign up with Academic Projects, provide and avail services only on behalf of his or her institute or company. No mentor can offer benefits under his/ her own name. Mentors have to represent a college or company while providing guidance, submitting articles and papers or vending projects. Information fed into the enrollment forms will be used for finding suitable connections and references that may seem to fulfill your requirement. Hence, it is important to fill these forms in an accurate manner. Do not hesitate to fill in the correct names and contact details, as interested vendors or seekers will use these details to get in touch with you to accomplish a mutual purpose.
How can academic projects help me? Academic Projects is here to help one and all. This podium helps students excel in their projects with proper training, thereby giving them an opportunity to get acquainted with the industry recruitment process based on talent. The website helps institutes gain recognition among other institutes and industry, and thus allows them to achieve higher grades for their colleges. If you are a mentor from an institute or a company, Academic Projects can help you promote your project knowledge and skills to help and guide students. Companies are benefitted by Academic Projects, as they get accurate resources, in the form of students and institutes, to get industry level projects outsourced and customized. Academic Projects is thus a pool of engineers, that's soon going to become an ocean.